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The Dreaded First Visit

I was finally seen by a doctor today. She couldn’t see anything definitive on the ultrasound, but I’m only 5 weeks so she’s not super concerned. Besides the pain on my right side there is nothing from the check-up that … Continue reading

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An Unplanned Pit Stop?

Why is it that plans always change? Why is this one simple task of having children so difficult? This is not a “why me” question, just a why question. I am a woman…I am made to bear children. It is … Continue reading

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Journal #3–The Changes I Envision

There are oh so many changes I envision. I daydream about them all the time. Going from no children to four children is mind-boggling to say the least. Here are the questions I most frequently think about: How will I … Continue reading

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Journal #2–Why do we want to adopt?

This is a loaded question, if ever there was one. Below are the two main reasons we want to adopt: The first reason I want to adopt, internationally specifically, is because of the desire Adam and I have to fill … Continue reading

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Here we are pulling out of our driveway in the fog, snow, slush, and mist to make the one hour drive to our social worker’s house for our first meeting. (If you click on the picture you will see Adam … Continue reading

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Kill a Tree, Survive the Paperwork!

515349 I am taking the advice of my brilliant friend Jaime Lynne Lea…we are snapping as many pictures of the adoption process as we can think of. She reminded me the other day that this is?like our pregnancy phase of … Continue reading

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Journal #1–What is this all about?

Let’s be honest, this is kind of weird for me! I’m not used to blogging without cool pictures and awesome content like trips and holidays to draw inspiration from. I’m hoping this part of our blog site will be more like an adoption journal (including back … Continue reading

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