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fedex-kinkos rage

7073I HATE FedEx Kinkos! I think I can really say that I HATE FedEx Kinkos–not every FedEx Kinkos, just Logan FedEx Kinkos!!! As the above picture indicates, we have many things to mail every week. We snapped this pic on one … Continue reading

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Who’s a Criminal?

My worst fear has been quashed. Adam really isn’t a felon. :) [haha] Our BCI’s (background checks) cleared this week. YEAH!!! Finally, some good news around here. We didn’t think they would come in until February or March. That means we … Continue reading

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Something Amazing!!!

Yesterday, Adam and I attended an “adoption education” lecture in Layton, which meant a 1.5 hour drive each way plus 3 hours of lecture time. Needless to say, it was a full day of sitting. I knew I would be … Continue reading

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The Good, and the Bad!

We lost our fourth baby this week. That’s the short of it. Part of me is numb, and part of me aches. I told Adam yesterday to give me a few days of ice cream and doing nothing, and I … Continue reading

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Positve Thoughts

I can’t help but think we are losing our baby. I made it to eight weeks yesterday. And yet, I am not comforted. I try my hardest to think positively, but it doesn’t help. My life is currenty consumed by … Continue reading

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Seven Weeks, and Still Pregnant

I had another check-up yesterday. And once again, we have ambiguous answers. The good news is that there is a sac in the uterus, which means no ectopic pregnancy. Phew! This is the first time EVER that we’ve been able … Continue reading

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