dear maria daniela,

Hello Princess! I’m not sure what your name will end up being so I am sticking with Princess for now. What do you think? I cannot believe papi and I will be there in a few short weeks to finally meet you. We hear that you are the shy one of the bunch. Your psychologist reports that you are the sweetest little girl once you decide to let someone in. We also hear that you are slow to warm up and won’t speak until you feel comfortable. I hope you will quickly feel our love. I will not be offended if you do not show us love right away. Whether it is one day, one week, one month, or one year–I will wait for your love. You, my princss, are worth waiting for. :)

 I also hear that you are extra close to big brother Daniel. You are so lucky to have a big brother who cares so deeply and tries to protect you. I surely hope that you always remain close to him. You will share a bedroom with Ezzy when we settle in Las Vegas. It will be a grand adventure watching the two of you (only 11 months apart) fight over clothes, boys and friends. I hope I end up being the mom I envision for the two of you–someone you can talk to, laugh with, and most importantly look to as an example of a strong joyful woman, wife and mother.

Princess, I want you as much as you want a mom and dad. I want nothing more than to be YOUR mom. Heavenly Father has led me to your door. Of that I have no doubt! Hopefully, someday you will know for yourself that we were meant to be.

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3 Responses to dear maria daniela,

  1. They will get to have double the wardrobe if they are willing to share. She sounds like a sweetheart. Can’t wait to meet your princess.

  2. Jaime Lynne says:

    Heavenly Father HAS led you to their door. I can’t wait to meet her and watch as she emerges from her shell!!

  3. Valerie says:

    You are the best example of a strong joyful woman, wife and mother. I can’t wait!!

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