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can we say referral?

FINALLY! We received our referral from CRAN two days ago. Yesterday, we had our conference call with Raul to go over some procedural issues. We can now apply for our travel visas. Although we don’t have a confirmed date for our … Continue reading

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never felt this before….

A couple of days ago I was sitting in a rocking chair across from my mother-in-law, Debbi, discussing her recent surgery. My niece, Zoe, came over and snuggled in my lap as I chatted away. As I sat stroking her hair, … Continue reading

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full of grace (part 5)

Spring of 2006 was tough fertility wise. One day I was considering adoption, the other discounting it completely. Although Adam and I had talked adoption before our marriage, it was a very different thing to expend the little strength I had in researching … Continue reading

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decisions, decisions (the ugly truth, part 4)

2006 encompassed desperation and hope in our home. In January, I went to Doctor to discuss some test results and options. I was very hopeful. Don’t ask me why, but I was. I felt stronger after the holidays. I had some much … Continue reading

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magic pill (the ugly truth, part 3)

Part 1……..Part 2 After our second miscarriage (ectopic), I really struggled. I was in survival mode at school….my poor students. I was an adequate teacher and did my job. I met deadlines and followed lesson plans, but I was not the fantastic … Continue reading

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will i love them the same?

I, like many adoptive parents, have been asked if I think I will love my children the same as I would a biological child. I recently came to the conclusion that my initially reactive answer “Of Course, I Will” does not honor … Continue reading

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a tiny glimmer of hope

(I just blog lifted the title from a dear friend.) We said that when we had news, you would have news. I’m not sure if this is even newsworthy, but here is the latest: it looks like Adam and I will be graced with the dreaded … Continue reading

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the ugly truth (part 2)…

Adam and I found out we were pregnant for the second time the end of July 2005. This was great news! We were successfully able to conceive not too long after our first miscarriage in March. I was a little frightened every … Continue reading

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colombia travel update

For those wondering if we are on our way to Colombia–we are not….yet! The official referral that was promised has still not arrived. We are not concerned whether or not we will go–it is more a question of when. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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the ugly truth…

(part one)  It is truly rewarding that so many people see my story–my handling of infertility– as graceful and inspirational. After all, it was my goal from the beginning to walk with grace no matter how painful the experience. But in having that mindset I think … Continue reading

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