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butterflies and mountains

Can anyone tell me why the San Jose airport has Free Wi-Fi, but LAX does not? Whatever the reason (and I have a few thoughts on the matter), I am grateful that Costa Rica offers the service. That means I … Continue reading

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a first impression

Hey kids, Well, we’re at four days and counting. Of course, that is four days until we leave for Bogota. We’re still 10 days away from smothering you with hugs and kisses. I am hard at work on your life-books. Hopefully, you … Continue reading

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the moment i knew (part 6)

I realized after reviewing the last couple of months of posting that I never finished discussing how I came to the decision to go forward with our adoption. It’s the most exciting post of the series, and I left it … Continue reading

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my apologies…

My sincerest apologies to my readers for the downer I was yesterday. Although I still agree with everything I wrote, I probably should have waited to write it. As my close friends can attest to, I’ve been surprisingly patient, submissive, … Continue reading

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just a little venting neccessary

I will probably be in big fat trouble for posting while I am in a bad mood! (Sorry, honey) We put in our frequent flier request last night for our flight to Bogota. We found out today that our request was … Continue reading

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Meet Juan Pablo, Daniel, Maria Daniela, and Esmeralda!

This is a one minute clip from our 2nd conference with the kids. The sound is horrible, but you can see them. After the first few seconds, they are singing a traditional schoolchildren’s song. They’re having a great time! We … Continue reading

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it’s official–we have our travel date

What a day! We saw our children again. They were just as excited and happy as the first time (Adam’s working on the video we recorded). Also, we received our passports back from the Colombian Consulate with our travel visas … Continue reading

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adoption thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of adoption lately. Okay, that probably came out wrong. You must be thinking, duh, of course she thinks about adoption a lot, right? But the truth is, not really. The last few months I … Continue reading

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they really are real

491496499502505508Our children are real! What an amazing feeling. And, by the way, they are totally 5, 6, 7, and 8. They are normal, regular, high-energy, excitable KIDS. I know everyone is dying for the details. I’ll do my best… The … Continue reading

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Well, Adam and I are about to talk to our kids for the first time. Yep, in two short hours. I wish I could say I am a ball of emotions or completely beside myself. In all honesty, I feel … Continue reading

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