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caution: bonding in progress

I am so excited about this adoption. I am so grateful that we followed our hearts and went forward with faith last October. It was one year ago that I had “the break-down.” Thanks to some serious soul-searching, prodding by … Continue reading

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our first week home–part two of two

1921 Aside from immunizations and learning the ropes of their new home, the kids also got to know family and friends their first week in Las Vegas. We went swimming at the Brummett’s home. The kids had a total blast, … Continue reading

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it is not the same

Adoption is not the same. It is not the same as creating life. I know there are many people who disagree with that statement. But for me, it is truth. My belief system holds that I was put here on … Continue reading

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our first week home, part one of two

1930We pretty much had non-stop visitors our first week. Yeah, we know what all the books and “experts” say about bonding and attachment and over-stimulating, but we feel that the love and support of our friends and family has only … Continue reading

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la to lv, finally

1779 Well, after getting a good night’s sleep in LA (not really) we headed home to Las Vegas. However, what McCracken trip would be complete without a few stops? :) First, we stopped for lunch in LA with my good … Continue reading

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to the embassy, then “home”

1844Here the kids are staring out the window from our Radisson hotel room wondering where I had gone. After accomplishing passports, doctor’s check, and sending Uncle Brian back home to Utah, we managed to get ourselves to the Embassy to obtain … Continue reading

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