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round two, good to go

lining: 10.5 estrodial bumped to .4 ml. starting PIO shots and antibiotic today. February 6th is a go! Blastocysts thawed in the morning…transfered in the afternoon. Will thaw till we have two viable. Everything looks great!!!

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a date

February 6th *crossed fingers and toes.

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a second chance

Tomorrow it begins! Estrogen. Dexamethosone. Progesterone. Shots and pills. Thawed embryos. Bed rest. Blood draws. And lots of prayers. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. And then…maybe a baby.

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how many did you say?

So…there is a group of five children that need a home. Yes, they are legally free for adoption. Yes, that would make our total kid count 12. Yes, we will still pursue having a baby. (Hello, frozen embryos!) And…Yes, we … Continue reading

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