About Us

Hey readers! My name is Rachel, and this is my blog. It is a blog about Adoption. Infertility. Faith. Fun. And all things Family.

I am wife to Adam, and mom to seven amazing adopted kids…Danny (12), Ezzy (11), Nikki (10), Juan (9), Joseph (8), Brian (7), and Annie (5). We went from zero to four kids in 2008 when we adopted our first sibling group from Bogota, Colombia. They were bounced from family to family and landed in a state run orphanage for three years before we brought them home. Our second group of siblings was adopted out of our local foster care system in 2011.They were in care for one year before we found them.

Raising a large family is the most amazing job on the planet. Although I never imagined I would get here solely through adoption…I wouldn’t have it any other way. Join us as we continue to try and have a baby, adopt more kiddos, and heal broken hearts…all while managing the day to day chaos of a crazy busy home. There is nothing sweeter!!!