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immigration status–APPROVED!

425 That would be our I-171 approval in the picture. Just a simple sheet of paper that says we are “able to furnish proper care to an orphan or orphans as defined by Section 101 (b)(1)(F) of the Immigration and … Continue reading

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going, going, gone…

419422Dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars in paperwork later, our Dossier is off to Colombia. Well, it’s actually on it’s way to Florida where our government application will be translated. So it should arrive in Bogota in a week or so. … Continue reading

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the last step…

102105This Friday we have our very last assignment, we think! We get fingerprinted, once again, in Salt Lake City. From that point we only have to wait about two weeks for our I-171 (immigration approval). At that point we send … Continue reading

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another checkmark completed

78 Just a picture of our favorite and fabulous ‘traveling notary’ Wendy schmoozing with Dr. Welter. We had to get two doctor’s notes per each of us notarized and then apostilled by the state. It’s crazy stuff I tell you. … Continue reading

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fedex-kinkos rage

7073I HATE FedEx Kinkos! I think I can really say that I HATE FedEx Kinkos–not every FedEx Kinkos, just Logan FedEx Kinkos!!! As the above picture indicates, we have many things to mail every week. We snapped this pic on one … Continue reading

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Kill a Tree, Survive the Paperwork!

515349 I am taking the advice of my brilliant friend Jaime Lynne Lea…we are snapping as many pictures of the adoption process as we can think of. She reminded me the other day that this is?like our pregnancy phase of … Continue reading

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