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You know how God moves through your life imperceptibly most days? You know he’s there, but you don’t give much thought to his soft, graceful movements as they gently course correct you along your daily path.¬†Yeah, me too! Even though … Continue reading

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seven to eleven to maybe eight

Okay, first thing’s first, we have made it to nine weeks of pregnancy. Yay! We had our final ultrasound before our big move, yesterday. Doctor Fisch couldn’t be more pleased with our progress. HB of 177, measuring in range, yolk … Continue reading

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yep, it’s official…

…we’re crazy. Just in case you didn’t know that about us yet. We met, fell in love with, and committed to a sibling group of three last week. We bring them home next Tuesday, the 5th. We are so excited. … Continue reading

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baby hope….in more than one way

8dpt= 53 14dpt=536 Our numbers are more than doubling… Doc thinks it’s one. So do I. Ultrasound= 8 March (Friday)…at seven weeks. —————————————- In other news. We’re meeting a sibling group of three little girls today. They are legally free … Continue reading

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how many did you say?

So…there is a group of five children that need a home. Yes, they are legally free for adoption. Yes, that would make our total kid count 12. Yes, we will still pursue having a baby. (Hello, frozen embryos!) And…Yes, we … Continue reading

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all gaven :)


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deep waters

I’ve been thinking for a couple of months now how to put our foster experiences into words; how to do them justice. We have had such wonderful dealings with caseworkers and children and birth parents since we started a year … Continue reading

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adopting out of foster care???

I received an email chock full of great question about adopting out of foster care. I thought I would post my responses since Adam and I had similar questions when we first switched gears from our Colombian adventure to US … Continue reading

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adoption decisions

I was reading a blog recently where an adoptive mom of eight just announced another adoption of two. †There has been some backlash from her circle of influence. She feels the questioning and finger pointing already beginning. And I take … Continue reading

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beautiful faces, finally!

The adoption of our beautiful foster children is finally complete. And now…..a few of our favorite pics from 2011, faces and all. :) Birthdays Easter Hiking And Just Plain Ole Fun

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