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day seven–pure joy

Well, you have already seen the pics we have from picking the children up, but I wanted to sketch out the events of the day for their lifebooks. Dear Little Ones,  When daddy and I woke up on the morning of 5 … Continue reading

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a first impression

Hey kids, Well, we’re at four days and counting. Of course, that is four days until we leave for Bogota. We’re still 10 days away from smothering you with hugs and kisses. I am hard at work on your life-books. Hopefully, you … Continue reading

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can we say referral?

FINALLY! We received our referral from CRAN two days ago. Yesterday, we had our conference call with Raul to go over some procedural issues. We can now apply for our travel visas. Although we don’t have a confirmed date for our … Continue reading

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magic pill (the ugly truth, part 3)

Part 1……..Part 2 After our second miscarriage (ectopic), I really struggled. I was in survival mode at school….my poor students. I was an adequate teacher and did my job. I met deadlines and followed lesson plans, but I was not the fantastic … Continue reading

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In reference to my previous post “friendship and pregnancy” let me dispell any rumors. I’ve had a few inquiries as to who it is…and some false guesses. Sorry, but my ‘friend’ will continue in anonymity for as long as she … Continue reading

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Positve Thoughts

I can’t help but think we are losing our baby. I made it to eight weeks yesterday. And yet, I am not comforted. I try my hardest to think positively, but it doesn’t help. My life is currenty consumed by … Continue reading

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The Dreaded First Visit

I was finally seen by a doctor today. She couldn’t see anything definitive on the ultrasound, but I’m only 5 weeks so she’s not super concerned. Besides the pain on my right side there is nothing from the check-up that … Continue reading

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An Unplanned Pit Stop?

Why is it that plans always change? Why is this one simple task of having children so difficult? This is not a “why me” question, just a why question. I am a woman…I am made to bear children. It is … Continue reading

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Journal #1–What is this all about?

Let’s be honest, this is kind of weird for me! I’m not used to blogging without cool pictures and awesome content like trips and holidays to draw inspiration from. I’m hoping this part of our blog site will be more like an adoption journal (including back … Continue reading

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First Post

This blog is designed to tell the world about our experiences in adopting. Specifically, we are adopting from Colombia through Commonwealth Adoptions International. Our home study is being done through Wasatch International Adoptions. We look forward to hearing from anyone interested … Continue reading

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