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the waiting game

As I wait and wait and wait, here is what I want my children to know: *We are so excited for you to join our family. *Your brothers and sisters have been planning your arrival for some time now. *They … Continue reading

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all mine

When in public, I am usually asked if the children are “all mine?” I have learned that this question has many connotations–good and bad. I think the questioner most often means, ‘am I the biological mother?’ They are intrigued by … Continue reading

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letters from mom

To my sweet children, Uncle Rob taught papi and I to pray in Spanish a few nights ago. I’m trying to memorize as many of the phrases as I can before we travel to Colombia. Aunt Jaime also tried her hand … Continue reading

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Journal #2–Why do we want to adopt?

This is a loaded question, if ever there was one. Below are the two main reasons we want to adopt: The first reason I want to adopt, internationally specifically, is because of the desire Adam and I have to fill … Continue reading

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